Hacking Marketing in the Big Data Age

Marketing is increasingly technology and data-driven. How can the tenets of speed and agility, well known in the software development world, help out the marketing world, which increasingly requires technology savvy to succeed?

Join this webinar led by renowned marketing thought leader Scott Brinker, author of “Hacking Marketing,” to find out how you can move more quickly and take advantage of new data and new technologies.

You’ll Learn:

What can the agile and lean development process teach marketers?

How can you benefit from moving from passive to interactive content?

How can Big Data help you create a stronger impact?

How can you innovate and scale marketing?

Sign up today and learn how agile marketing, powered by data, can boost your marketing results.


Scott Brinker, MarTech Expert

Scott Brinker is an entrepreneur, recognized marketing industry leader, and author. He is one of the founders of Ion Interactive, as well as the company's chief technology officer. Scott is the author of the book “Hacking Marketing,” and is a noted journalist, presenter, and teacher regarding how marketers can implement innovative post-click marketing. Scott also writes a blog on the intersection of marketing and technology called Chief Marketing Technologist, and he is the program chair of the MarTech marketing technology conference. Scott has a BS in computer science from Columbia University, an SM in computer science from Harvard, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.