How to Build a Data-Centric Marketing Architecture

Big Data is top of mind for marketers, but putting it to work is a huge undertaking that few have conquered.

In this webinar, we highlight challenges with current marketing architecture and describe how to transition to an architecture that maximizes the usefulness and accessibility of your data — and your likelihood of success.

You’ll Learn:

How to incorporate best-of-breed marketing capabilities into your marketing architecture

The 4 key principles of a data-centric architecture

A multi-layered approach to designing a marketing platform aligned with your business objectives

How to use available Big Data technology to capture the greatest long-term value from your marketing data

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Daniel Jaye, Advertising & Technology Advisor

Mr. Jaye has provided strategic, tactical and technology advisory services to a wide range of marketing technology and Big Data companies over the past 14 years, including Netezza, Akamai, Tremor Media, and many others.

Mr. Jaye has held many leadership roles in the Internet advertising and privacy space, including:

  • Founder and former CEO of Korrelate, a leading automotive marketing attribution company
  • Former president of TACODA, a behavioral targeted online advertising service
  • Founder and chief technology officer of Permissus, a privacy metadata management firm
  • Founder and CTO of Engage

He co-founded the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI); and holds early patents in behavioral targeting and Internet privacy. He is credited with the invention of online behavioral targeting and was the creator of one of the first massively parallel “Big Data” ETL tools, Engage.Fusion, which was acquired by Red Brick Systems in 1997.

Mr. Jaye received a bachelor’s degree in astronomy and astrophysics and physics from Harvard University.